Exploring "Woo Woo:" Podcast Recommendations

Five podcast episodes on holistic wellbeing, astrology, and all things "out there"

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Exploring “Woo Woo:” Podcast Recommendations

Podcast artwork for The Magic Spark, Highest Self Podcast, Holistic Spaces, White Shores, and Sounds a Bit “Woo Woo” To Me


👉🏽 Becky Taylor (she/her)

Why this theme?

👉🏽 We’ve all got a friend who’s into crystals, has had a tarot reading, or can’t stop talking about how yoga has changed their life. Heck, that might even be you! (No shade, I’m totally down for all things woo woo myself).

So what does “woo woo” mean? A whole host of things, but broadly it refers to beliefs and practices that are often considered unconventional, spiritual, or alternative. Below are some of my favorite discoveries over the last few years as I’ve dipped my toe into all things woo woo to learn more about the ideas, practices, and beliefs that fall under this umbrella.

Podcast Picks

The Magic Spark podcast cover art

The Magic Spark

Interested in astrology? Want to lean into tarot? Tandy Gutierrez blends both of these in The Magic Spark and creates a space championing her listeners’ journey to soul authenticity and what might spark their unique magic in the world.

Highest Self Podcast podcast cover art

Almost 500 episodes in, Sahara Rose’s podcast is popular for a reason. She talks to listeners like she’s their best pal, and it’s hard not to be enthused by her energy. This podcast is all about finding your dharma, honoring your sensuality, and raising your energetic vibration… who wouldn’t want those things?!

Holistic Spaces podcast cover art

Hosts Anjie and Laura are co-founders of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School, and in this podcast, they share tips and conversations about feng shui. As listeners, we are gently encouraged to cultivate our own holistic spaces that are both beautiful and functional. EarBuds curator Becky has learned so much about feng shui from this podcast and how it can benefit her physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

White Shores podcast cover art

Host Theresa Cheung is known for her work in dream interpretation. There are episodes about dreams on White Shores, but the show explores more than just dreams. You’ll hear about topics including UFOologists, nightmare whisperers, mediums, neuroscientists, and more.

Sounds A Bit ‘Woo Woo’ To Me podcast cover art

Are you intrigued by the array of alternative therapies, spiritual practices, and holistic wellbeing approaches out there, but baffled by quite what they are and if they actually work? If that sounds like you, this podcast may help demystify all things 'a bit woo woo' and get some clarity on the what, how, and why of spiritual, holistic, and alternative therapies.

Each episode is a beginner guide to a woo woo topic — from things you might have heard of like astrology, angels, or crystals, to those you might not, like akashic records, human design, and tapping therapy.


Byte Sized Biographies… podcast cover art

Discover some very famous people you've never really heard of, byte sized biographies of the famous, the infamous, and the quirky in less than an hour.

Think of that doorstop-sized bio or history-related book that you’ll never read made accessible in 60 minutes. These are people or incidents that you may think you know a lot about, but really don't. They are remarkable human beings or events covered in new and different detail, all fascinating.

Hovering podcast cover art

Hovering is a full-cast, immersive audio drama from Australia about what happens in a sleepy community when five residents see something unexplained in the night sky. It's also about having and keeping secrets — and possibly about aliens. Or not.

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The Competition podcast cover art

Every summer for the past seven decades, 50 high school seniors — one from every state — descend on Mobile, Alabama to take part in one of the country’s most lucrative scholarship competitions for teen girls. 

The Competition takes you behind the scenes of the Distinguished Young Women (DYW) program, and follows seven girls as they experience the highs and lows of competing for two weeks away from home and under the most high-stress circumstances. What can two weeks with 50 of the country’s most ambitious teens tell us about girlhood in America?

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