Women’s History Month Podcast Recommendations: Voices in Tech

"We're driven by a passionate belief in the power of diversity and inclusion within the tech industry."

Brought to us by 100 Latina Birthdays - The health and wellness of Latinas is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the U.S. economy.

Women’s History Month: Voices in Tech

Curator: Dr Kerry McInerny and Dr Eleanor Drage of The Good Robot

Why this theme: We chose this theme because it resonates deeply with us as hosts and creators of The Good Robot. We're driven by a passionate belief in the power of diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

By amplifying women's experiences and perspectives, we are on a mission to challenge existing norms and pave the way for a more equitable future. The podcasts in this list dive into the complexities of issues like misleading framings of AI, career switches, first-gen graduates, sexism, racism, and ableism. These themes are not just relevant, but deeply personal for us and our listeners.

Podcast Recommendations

Tech Won’t Save Us - podcast cover art

Tech Won’t Save Us

Don’t Fall for the AI Hype

Every Thursday, Paris Marx is joined by a new guest to critically examine the tech industry, its big promises, and the people behind them. In this episode, Paris is joined by Timnit Gebru to discuss the misleading framings of artificial intelligence, her experience of getting fired by Google in a very public way, and why we need to avoid getting distracted by all the hype around ChatGPT and AI image tools.

The Radical AI Podcast - cover art

The Radical AI Podcast

Racism and Sexism in AI Technology? Navigating Systems of Power with Sarah Myers West

Can you separate technology from power? Is technology ever objective? How do we build technology that meets the needs of everyone? To answer these questions and more, The Radical AI Podcast welcomes Dr. Sarah Myers West to the show. Dr. Sarah Myers West is a postdoctoral researcher at the AI Now Institute. Her research centers on the critical study of technology and culture, with an emphasis on historical and ethnographic methods.

Women Who Code - podcast cover art

The Women Who Code Podcast

Nav #80: Navigating the Tech Industry as a First-Generation Graduate

Women Who Code’s mission is to empower diverse women to excel in technology careers. This episode discusses Chelsea’s challenges through school and starting her career in the tech industry. She gives tips on preparing yourself for the unexpected when you don’t have guidance from previous generations.

Elevate - Women in Tech - cover art

Elevate - Women in Tech

Female Founders Series - Chelsea Maffia - A Non-Traditional Path to EdTech as a Black Female Founder

This podcast’s purpose is to elevate and inspire women and girls into or to remain in the tech sector from the classroom to the boardroom. In this episode, Chelsea shares her inspirational journey as a Black female founder revolutionizing education through gamification. Despite having a non-technical background, she pivoted from construction to tech entrepreneurship. Chelsea shares her valuable insights on the challenges faced by women founders, especially women of color, in fundraising and entering the male-dominated startup world.

The Good Robot

Meredith Broussard on Why Sexism, Racism and Ableism in Tech are 'More than a Glitch'

The Good Robot asks how feminism can provide new perspectives on technology’s biggest problems. This episode addresses why we need to bring a little bit more friction back into technology and Meredith’s book “More Than a Glitch,” which argues that AI that's not designed to be accessible is bad for everyone.


"A three dimensional experience in every sense" (says the NY Sun), Knock at the Gate's smash hit immersive audio experience 'The Tempest: A Surround Sound Odyssey,' has been extended by popular demand, now streaming through March 16 at KnockattheGate.com.

Featuring Hale Appleman (SyFy's “The Magicians”), Tony and Grammy Award nominee Emily Skeggs (Broadway's “Fun Home”), Derek Wilson (Hulu's “Future Man”) and Joel de la Fuente (AMC's “The Walking Dead”) 'The Tempest: A Surround Sound Odyssey' immerses listeners deeper than did ever plummet sound into the mystical depths and shores of Shakespeare's tale of magic and miracles like never before.

Left Over, an investigative podcast from LWC Studios, reveals the toxic politics in the American public school lunch system. Award-winning journalist Jessica Terrell dives into the experiences of lunch workers, students, families, caretakers, and community organizers while examining the problematic views surrounding poverty and unchecked racial inequality. Listen here.

The health and wellness of Latinas is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the U.S. economy. In 100 Latina Birthdays, reporters in Chicago investigate the health and lifetime outcomes of Latinas in the United States from birth to age 100. In season 1, the stories that unfold center Latinas during their perinatal journeys, childhood, adolescence, and up until age 20. Listen here.

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Community Notes

  • Do you feel alone in your own head when it comes to navigating life’s big and small problems? Do you find self-care language a little too self-focused but know you still need to do the work? Join us on Reframeables and eavesdrop your way into some new perspectives — we promise you'll feel less alone as you listen. Discover Reframeables.

  • Navigating Zero, ZeroNorth's premier podcast, uncovers the challenges and solutions in sustainable shipping.

  • Introducing The Amendment, a new podcast from Errin Haines aimed at shedding light on our politics during a critical election year where the work of our democracy is still unfinished. It’s the inaugural podcast from The 19th, and it’s made in partnership with Wonder Media Network.

  • Pop culture news, hot gossip, fresh perspectives and belly laughs are all on tap on The Baller Alert Show. Hosted by Ferrari Simmons and Octavia March, this dynamic dream team’s high-energy interplay will have viewers engaged from start to finish.

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Spotlight Podcast Pick

It was a golden age for Jews in Iran. In the 1950s, a religious Jew – Younes Dardashti – became a national celebrity, singing at the Shah’s palace and on the radio. In the 1960s, his son Farid became a teen idol on TV. They were beloved by Iranian Muslims. But at the height of their fame, they left the country. It has always been a mystery to our host Danielle Dardashti and her sister Galeet – Why did their family leave Iran?

Now, in a documentary podcast series, the sisters reveal painful secrets unspoken for generations. The Nightingale of Iran is a story that will resonate with outsiders everywhere.

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