Podcasts About Our Solar System, Curated by Latif Nasser

Learn about Earth's quasi-moon and how you can help name it!

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Curated by:

👉🏽 Latif Nasser, co-host of Radiolab (he/him)

Why this theme?

👉🏽Space is for all of us. No matter your politics, language, race, country, or education, we can all look up at the sky in awe. And, for the next few months, you can even do more than that! Radiolab and the International Astronomical Union are partnering to host a public contest to name a quasi-moon of Earth!

🌝Anyone can submit names now through September, or vote on your favorites in November at Radiolab.org/moon. This is your chance to help label something in the heavens that will outlive us all!🌝

Podcast Picks

Radiolab podcast cover art


This episode tells the story of how EarBuds curator Latif got so fixated on quasi-moons in the first place. A silly, fun, goose-chase of a story. It starts with a simple question, which leads to an obsessive hunt, which in turn leads to a revelation about how predictable things really are in our universe.

Radiolab podcast cover art


EarBuds curator Latif had nothing to do with making this classic episode about the love story behind the Voyager space probes. More so than many other stories he’s heard about space, this one helps give you a sense of how big our solar system really is, and besides that, it is just heart-meltingly beautiful. Take a listen.

The Habitat podcast cover art

The Habitat

Back in 2018, the wonderful Lynn Levy (who reported Radiolab’s Voyager story above) made a series about a real-life simulation that NASA ran to try to understand what it would be like to live on Mars. The result is a space-nerd reality TV show a la Big Brother. Totally holds up.

Unexplainable podcast cover art


EarBuds curator Latif loves this story! (So much so that he actually also covered it in parallel on his Netflix show Connected). It almost feels like a scientific fable where something ignored, overlooked, and forgotten might actually help answer two of the biggest questions we have: where did we come from, and are we alone in the universe?

Moonrise podcast cover art

Most of us have heard the story of the U.S. landing on the moon a million times. But these two podcasts (see bonus recommendations below for more) manage to recast that history in totally fresh ways, by braiding it into stories of science fiction, military secrets, political priorities, pop culture, conspiracy theories, and the general chaos of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. They do the thing the best history does: paint scenes, elucidate characters, ask questions, make connections. Really fun listens.

The Last Archive podcast cover art

BONUS EPISODES from Latif Nasser

The Last Archive


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This is Propaganda podcast cover art

In this Webby Award-winning narrative podcast, co-hosts Josh and Malcolm from BRINK media group challenge the marketing profession’s delusions about the origins, techniques, and cultural impact of the work we do.

The first season investigates how propaganda became the foundation of all consumer marketing, its omnipresence and evolution across generations of media, and the consequences we face today.

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