Podcasts About AI in Politics and Democracy

Learn about how AI and politics intertwine

Podcasts About AI in Politics & Democracy

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Why this theme?

👉🏽 We at Future Hindsight are pro-democracy nerds. In a year when two billion people all over the world are voting, we know that A.I. will play a big role in these elections, including in the U.S.

Here are some essential episodes that tell us about the intersection of democracy and A.I. They explain where we are, how we got here, and where we’re going. These thought-provoking conversations should be a part of your civic action toolkit this year. Tune in!

Podcast Picks

Post Reports podcast cover art

The Post Reports

This episode is a good primer that describes where we are today. It includes examples of actual deepfakes, like the deepfake Biden robocall in New Hampshire; the liar’s dividend; watermarks; and ways to spot a deepfake in images and in audio.

Decoder with Nilay Patel podcast cover art

Decoder with Nilay Patel

This is a conversation that goes deeper than The Post Reports episode. It compares our current state to 2016; the role of social media platforms in moderating content and giving up on doing so; copyrights, watermarks, protected speech and defamation law, proposed legislation like the No Fakes Act, and more. 

Your Undivided Attention podcast cover art

Your Undivided Attention

Guest Audrey Tang is Taiwan’s minister of digital affairs. She was responsible for making democracy resilient to A.I. during Taiwan’s elections earlier this year, which was widely considered at risk of manipulation by China. They discuss the wide array of measures they used to instill trust in democratic institutions, such as pre-bunking, community building, access to broadband as a human right, securing government communications, and early use of paper ballots.

Tech On The Hill podcast cover art

Tech On The Hill

Guest John Bateman is the co-author of a report titled “Countering Disinformation: An Evidence-Based Policy Guide.” This is a wonky policy conversation that goes into TikTok and other social media platforms, Supreme Court cases, and the decline of local news. It turns out that the presence of local news outlets helps shore up civic knowledge, civic engagement, and is therefore a potent tool to combat disinformation. 

Future Hindsight podcast cover art

Future Hindsight

We take a deep dive into how the digital revolution can still fulfill its promise of a democratic revolution and make A.I. work for democracy. We discuss how power became more and more concentrated in the hands of big tech companies, while both Democratic and Republican administrations have chosen to trust market forces, rather than intervening to put on some guardrails to protect public interest issues. Governments and multilateral institutions are increasingly taking action to mitigate the risks of A.I. such as passing the EU A.I. Act. .


Left Over podcast cover art

Left Over, an investigative podcast from LWC Studios, reveals the toxic politics in the American public school lunch system.

Award-winning journalist Jessica Terrell dives into the experiences of lunch workers, students, families, caretakers, and community organizers while examining the problematic views surrounding poverty and unchecked racial inequality. Listen here.

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🎙️HUMO: Murder and Silence in El Salvador, narrated by Daniel Alvarenga, is a gripping account of a nation's deep-seated issues with violence and government corruption. Starting with an investigation into a mass grave, this story unfolds into a broader examination of the systemic problems that plague El Salvador. Daniel, a Salvadoran-American journalist, shares his personal connection to the crisis, making this series a poignant exploration of the consequences of silence and the imperative of resistance.

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The Self Help Junkie Pocdast cover art

We are dreamers, seekers, hustlers and overachievers. We love the dopamine hit of learning new insights, tools, and ideas that can help us become our best selves. But it’s so easy to become a self-help junkie, going from one thing to the next.

So the question we’re answering on this podcast is how do we take all the information we consume from podcasts, books, and all the amazing teachers we love, and apply it to our lives.

In each episode, we will identify a topic, define terms, and discuss why it’s important and how it can improve our lives. We will then define three action steps using SMART goals.

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