Podcasts to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

The glass is half full on these podcasts

Brought to us by 100 Latina Birthdays🎂- The health and wellness of Latinas are crucial to the health and well-being of the U.S. economy.

Podcasts to Inspire Hope for National Optimism Month

Podcasts for National Optimism Month 2024


👉 Bill Burke (he/him), Founder of The Optimism Institute and host of Blue Sky

Why this theme?

👉 I’ve grown increasingly concerned that, despite the many positive things going on all around us, people have taken a more pessimistic and cynical stance on the world and our collective future. I founded the Optimism Institute to inspire us all with an optimistic and hopeful vision, and to remind people that despite the many challenges we face, there has arguably never been a better time to be alive than today. And during National Optimism Month, I’m delighted to share with you this list of podcasts that offer antidotes to soothe our overstimulated minds, weary hearts, and anxious souls. These shows don’t shy away from the truth of our reality, and because of this, the uplifting stories they uncover feel all the more impactful.

I hope this list sparks a little more optimism in your everyday lives. There’s always blue sky above, sometimes you just have to get your head above the clouds to see it.

Podcast Picks

Blue Sky podcast cover art

Blue Sky

One of EarBuds curator Bill Burke’s most powerful Blue Sky episodes is this one, with YouthBuild USA President and CEO John Valverde. In it, he describes the impactful work of his organization and also shares his own inspiring story of persevering through 16 years in prison to found two non-profits and now lead a third. John explains how he brings his own lived experience to his leadership role at an organization that helps young people at their own crossroads change the trajectory of their lives.

This Is My Silver Lining podcast cover art

This Is My Silver Lining

In 2008, Sabrina Mallick had a front row seat to the downward spiral that was the financial crisis as an analyst on Wall Street. If she ever needed a sign to define a new career path, this was it.  She traded it all in to become an entrepreneur, and through her moments of of doubt, regret, and feelings of failure, she found a different kind of happiness.

TED Talks Daily podcast cover art

TED Talks Daily

This episode offers a glimpse into the life experiences of community builder Maryam Banikarim and the inspiring story about her emigration from Iran.  Her story serves as a testament to the power of community support and resilience. Banikarim learned to embrace the hard parts: “Instead of seeing life's challenges as obstacles, I see them as an obstacle course — a fascinating array of tests that I'm curious to see if I can pass.”

A Bit of Optimism podcast cover art

A Bit of Optimism

Comedians have the ability to unravel life’s madness, absurdities, and subtleties… all while making us laugh. This episode does just that. Host Simon Sinek sits down with comedian Alex Edelman, who shares how his comedy enabled him to see the beauty of imperfections, the importance of recognizing humanity in others as a pathway to peace, and a few other funny moments that will help you unwind without even noticing.

The One You Feed podcast cover art

The One You Feed

If you’ve lost your everyday zest for life, The One You Feed may give you a much-needed dose of wisdom and verve. Scott Stabile’s journey towards self-acceptance and self-love began with a simple, but powerful realization - recognizing and appreciating the mundane acts of self-care. Whether you're on a quest for personal growth or looking for ways to tackle life's hurdles with grace, this show offers a mix of practical tips and deep reflections to fuel your journey towards emotional wellbeing.


100 Latina Birthdays podcast cover art

The health and wellness of Latinas is crucial to the health and wellbeing of the U.S. economy. In 100 Latina Birthdays, reporters in Chicago investigate the health and lifetime outcomes of Latinas in the United States from birth to age 100. In season 1, the stories that unfold center Latinas during their perinatal journeys, childhood, adolescence, and up until age 20. Listen here.

Left Over podcast cover art

Left Over, an investigative podcast from LWC Studios, reveals the toxic politics in the American public school lunch system. Award-winning journalist Jessica Terrell dives into the experiences of lunch workers, students, families, caretakers, and community organizers while examining the problematic views surrounding poverty and unchecked racial inequality. Listen here.

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Podcast cover art for The Michigan Plot

The hit podcast Chameleon: The Michigan Plot takes listeners inside one of the most important FBI domestic terrorist investigations in decades: the notorious plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Hosted by journalists Ken Bensinger and Jessica Garrison, Chameleon: The Michigan Plot is based on more than three years of reporting, plus hundreds of hours of never-before-heard audio that takes listeners along with an FBI informant as he infiltrates the Wolverine Watchmen, a militia that prosecutors charge was determined to kidnap — and maybe even kill — a sitting governor.

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