Podcasts Celebrating Canada's Indigenous History Month

June is Canada's Indigenous History Month. Here are some podcasts to celebrate!

Podcast artwork for Matriarch Movement, Pretendians, Actors and Ancestors, The Aunties Dandelion, and unikkaat / unipkaat ungipaghat / nallunairutet Circumpolar Waves

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👉🏽 Joel D. Montgrand (he/him)

Why this theme?

👉🏽June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada. There are so few podcasts by and about Indigenous peoples in the universe of podcasts and they deserve the spotlight! Here are a few shows from up north made by Indigenous peoples.

Podcast Picks

Matriarch Movement podcast cover art

Matriarch Movement

Content warning: This episode has discussions about addiction, suicide, and violence.

In this episode, host Shayla Stonechild has a transparent conversation with Kairyn Potts to find out more about what it means to meet Indigenous youth where they’re at, how addiction is impacting them, and what two-spirit representations means for decolonization.

Pretendians podcast cover art


What do some of the most prominent and successful Indigenous artists, leaders, and professors have in common? They aren’t Indigenous. There are hundreds of cases of Indigenous identity fraud that we know about, and likely thousands that we do not.

Actors and Ancestors podcast cover art

Actors and Ancestors

Reservation Dogs star Dallas Goldtooth (Dakota-Dine) shares his journey from being a land defender organizing against pipelines to acting on a beloved TV show, and telling Indigenous stories with humor and care. He confesses to host and EarBuds curator, Joel D. Montgrand (Rocky Cree), about his horse-riding challenges, gets nerdy about his role in the Fallout TV series, and explains how he deconstructs toxic masculinity.

The Aunties Dandelion podcast cover art

The Aunties Dandelion

The Aunties visit with Cree-Métis filmmaker Danis Goulet, whose debut 2021 film Night Raiders garnered the highest budget of any Indigenous-led Canadian film. Danis talks about the spirituality and practice of infusing Indigenous culture and language into her films.

unikkaat podcast cover art

unikkaat / unipkaat ungipaghat / nallunairutet Circumpolar Waves

This podcast episode goes on the road to the fourth session of the United Nations International Plastics Negotiations in Ottawa, Canada. The goal is to develop an internationally legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, including in the marine environment.


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🎤 This week in Podcast The Newsletter: Lauren Passell writes: “A few months ago the host of Everyone Knows That, Josh Chapdelaine, came to me saying he was making a podcast about a song that had internet sleuths stumped — they had been trying to track down its origin FOR YEARS. It’s a fantastic music/internet mystery about armchair detectives, lost media, and how the song got found and made.”

🚀In One of Us, hosts Fin Argus and Chris Renfro will hop in a rocket ship and travel to a new, imagined universe. And they’re inviting some of today’s top comedians to join them. Together, they’ll explore destinations like a haunted Erewhon, a clothing-optional hot spring, and Pedro Pascal’s forearm through lush, sound-designed improv segments.

📱Buzzsprout has launched an app for android called Buzzsprout for Android! Features include: real-time notifications for things like Cohost AI, weekly stats, and Fan Mail, simple sharing, easy access to statistics, and more.

🎭This summer, Play On Podcasts releases The Taming of the Shrew. Amy Freed’s modern verse translation is presented as satire in which the two smartest people in the room come together to tame the society that surrounds them.

[Werking Title] with Eliza Lambert

Featuring conversations with audio creators

Read Eliza’s conversation with Erica Huang. Eliza got her start in audio at age seven as a voice actor. Erica later chose to come over to the technical side of things, teaching herself sound design, an arena of audio that’s mostly male-dominated. Her most recent project just premiered at the Tribeca Festival.

Erica Huang

Podcast news from Podnews


Pull the Thread podcast cover art

In the corrupt and deadly world of the illegal wildlife trade, criminals are responsible for the wholesale slaughter of animals, and the suffering of people, too. One man set out to break into this world, and to bring down a wildlife trafficking syndicate that's among the largest on the African continent. His name is Wolf. And he’s a spy.

Investigative journalist Runako Celina takes us through the sometimes dangerous, sometimes bizarre enterprise of the illegal wildlife trade and those trying to dismantle it.

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