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👉🏽 Catrin Skaperdas (she/her)

Why this theme?

👉🏽Many people will travel to Italy during peak tourism season. If you're someone who is going, or would like to go, this is the perfect time to listen to these podcast episodes to learn more about Italy and Italian culture.

Podcast Picks

ITALIAN, FOR SURE podcast cover art


Laugh along with host Catrin Skaperdas and polyglot artist Maddalena Mazzaferri while they chat about Italian culture.

Learn essential Italian words to avoid awkward misunderstandings, impressive regional accents that sound entirely different (e.g. Milanese vs. Roman), and the Italian hand gestures that non-Italians use, but might not fully understand.

Travel That Matters podcast cover art

Travel That Matters

Wolfgang Puck, the Austrian-American culinary legend, takes host Bruce Wallin on a journey through his favorite food and travel spots, full of laughter and unexpected tips.

Wolfgang shares his favorite destinations, from the hidden gem of Bahrain to the orphanage his wife established in Ethiopia.

Foods That Matter podcast cover art

Foods That Matter

Host John Robert Sutton walked along the Venice canals while chatting with Federico Blumer, a Venetian and an expert about the history of Venice.

They start by revealing the fascinating story of how a shipwreck brought cod (i.e. Bacalà) to Venice's plates, and why the whole town was built with wood. While they chat, John and Federico journey through the streets where Marco Polo once walked, discussing the famed Silk Road and the unexpected connection between salt and salaries.

Cars That Matter podcast cover art

Cars That Matter

Host Robert Ross chats with longtime competition judge and owner of Bobileff Motorcar company, Gary Bobileff. Gary specializes in Italian car restoration and is one of the leaders in the country for his custom work.

Coffee Break Italian podcast cover art

Coffee Break Italian

Take your first steps in learning Italian with teacher Mark, learner Katie, and native speaker, Francesca.

In this lesson you’ll learn to say “hello” and ask the question “how are you?” You’ll also learn some appropriate answers for this question, and discover more about Italian culture.

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Nancy Brophy fills her novels with romantic betrayals and murder. It’s a far cry from her quiet life in the suburbs, where she and her chef husband, Dan, are living out their golden years.

But when Dan is shot dead, Nancy finds herself at the center of a murder case that could be ripped from the pages of her novels. This is a story about what happens when the line blurs between fiction and reality. 

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