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👉🏽 Holly Brown (she/her)

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👉🏽 As the days stretch out and the last of the seasonal blues melt away, I can't help but feel a little more lighthearted and ready for some fun. As a stand-up comedian, I am — whether I like it or not — comedy-obsessed. These podcasts are my absolute go-to’s, packed with everything from insane stories to oddball fixations and comedic takes on your favorite chain restaurants. Trust me, there's a little something for everyone in this lineup!

Podcast Picks

That Was Wild podcast cover art

That Was Wild

That Was Wild is where comedians, celebs, and internet randos (hello, Chatroulette throwbacks!) come to spill their wildest stories with comedian-host Adam Macias. A recent episode with former Disney child star Joey Bragg perfectly mixes comedy with some serious reflections on his time as a child actor, including a crazy audition story. It's timely, important, and funny — even the heaviest topics can find their lighter side.

Indecent with Kiki Andersen podcast cover art

Indecent with Kiki Andersen

EarBuds curator Holly is all in for a comedy podcast that teaches her a thing or two, especially when it dives into the deliciously taboo — and Indecent always delivers just that. Host Kiki Andersen, with her former Emmy-winning journalism chops and stand-up comedy career, serves up killer audio production and a sharp, comedic take on everything from hustle culture to modern-day therapy lingo. It’s a smart, clever roast of the hottest topics, and it makes you think while you laugh.

StraightioLab podcast cover art


This show had EarBuds curator Holly from the get-go with their concept — two LGBTQT+ comedians bring on a funny friend and unpack an aspect of straight culture. Previous topics include 'being on time' or 'going for a drive.’ So straight. It's silly, it doesn't take itself seriously, and this episode with Kathy Griffin is iconic.

Weirdly Obsessed podcast cover art

Weirdly Obsessed

Fandoms, nerdoms, and obsessions come in all shapes and Weirdly Obsessed is where curiosities reign supreme — from numbers to anime and in between. Co-host Mandy might have the most infectious energy on a podcast and Lisa has hilarious stories for days. Her dating app experiences are legendary!

“Fine” Dining podcast cover art

“Fine” Dining

EarBuds curator Holly is not embarrassed to say she LOVES chain restaurants. The mediocrity, the terrible decor, and the okay food that always does the trick when you need it to. “Fine” Dining is a comedic haven for anyone that has ever eaten at a chain restaurant around the country. Holly’s favorite thing about this podcast is the deep dive into the history behind each well known restaurant — she learned waaay more than she ever expected about IHOP.


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🎙️The Girl With the Same Name. In 2002, a young woman named Jamie Stickle, a popular bartender and beloved member of the LGBTQ+ community in Pittsburgh was tragically, violently killed in her car parked outside her home. Despite evidence indicating a homicide, Jamie's case was never classified as such, and remains unsolved to this day. 22 years later: In The Girl With the Same Name, Jaime Stickle, an actor, a writer, and podcaster who has been haunted by the association of their shared name, has made it her mission to tell Jamie's story.

🎧RSVP for free here for MIC's Podcast Club. The community for podcasters is hosting a special online Q&A with the organizers of the Independent Podcast Awards (UK) on May 8, 2024 at 6:00 PM BST / 1:00 PM EST. Get insider tips, learn winning strategies, and ask your burning questions directly to those who run the annual awards for indie podcasts.

📖Between the Lines. April 9th was National Library Workers Day! Library workers in all types of libraries serve our communities and users in need of free access to Wi-Fi, books, eBooks, job search resources, and so much more! Hosts Becca and Keri from the Tomes and Tropes Podcast celebrate library workers with a special segment.

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  • Apple Podcasts has added a curated Wellness category to its app - you’ll see it in the search page. Featuring a curated collection of health, fitness and wellness shows, it’s part of Mental Health Awareness Month. The category curates episodes, shows and creators; subtopics reflect the evolving definition of what it means to be well today including: Mood, Sleep, Relationships, Meditation, Movement and Gratitude.

  • When listening to ad-supported audio, Americans are spending more than three times longer with the radio than with podcasts, according to “The Record”, new data from Nielsen and Edison Research. However, for younger listeners (18-34), time spent with podcasts and radio are nearly equal, at 37% vs 45%.

  • Ausha suggests: Explore 5 innovative ways to use transcription to enhance your podcast’s accessibility and SEO


HUMO: Murder and Silence in El Salvador podcast cover art

Narrated by Daniel Alvarenga, Humo is a gripping account of a nation's deep-seated issues with violence and government corruption. Starting with an investigation into a mass grave, this story unfolds into a broader examination of the systemic problems that plague El Salvador.

Daniel, a Salvadoran-American journalist, shares his personal connection to the crisis, making this series a poignant exploration of the consequences of silence and the imperative of resistance.

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