Earth Day Podcasts: Climate Alert🚨

How climate change impacts marginalized communities

Byte Sized Biographies is the podcast about the famous, the infamous, and the quirky, delivered in less than an hour! [Sponsored]

Earth Day Podcasts: Climate Alert

Podcast artwork for Threshold, For The Wild, Feet in 2 Worlds: Home, Interrupted, COAL + ICE, and Proof


👉🏽 Iggy Monda (he/him)

Why this theme?

👉🏽 I'm the host and producer of Feet in 2 Worlds: Home, Interrupted, a podcast about the impact of climate change on immigrant communities and communities of color and how those communities are responding with resilience and innovation.

For Earth Day 2024, I wanted to highlight an episode of our podcast and episodes from other podcasts that look at climate change from global, local, and personal perspectives.

Podcast Picks

Threshold podcast cover art


On paper, the world has agreed to limit global heating to 1.5° Celsius over pre-industrial levels. In reality, we are not on track to meet that goal. But the window is not yet fully closed.

For The Wild podcast cover art

For The Wild

The award-winning journalist and podcaster Amy Westervelt appears on For The Wild to talk about the full story behind extractive industries and the role they play in shaping global structures from shipping ports, to government policies, to media talking points.

COAL + ICE Podcast cover art

COAL + ICE Podcast

How will climate change affect growing urban populations in Asia and Africa? Much depends on whether smart decisions are made now about how expanding cities develop, and how existing cities — especially in energy-intensive countries like the United States — adjust to be more climate-friendly.

Proof podcast cover art


Every year, storms, salt water, and construction threaten the Gullah Geechee community on Sapelo Island, Georgia. But Sapelo resident Maurice Bailey is fighting to protect the island by reviving Geechee agriculture.

Feet in 2 Worlds: Home, Interrupted podcast cover art

Feet in 2 Worlds: Home, Interrupted

When Hurricane Otis devastated the resort city of Acapulco in October 2023, Mexican authorities struggled to respond to the disaster. Producer Greta Díaz reports on the challenges faced by families divided by the US-Mexico border to respond to this disaster.


Byte Sized Biographies… podcast cover art

Discover some very famous people you've never really heard of, byte sized biographies of the famous, the infamous, and the quirky in less than an hour.

Think of that doorstop-sized bio or history-related book that you’ll never read made accessible in sixty minutes. These are people or incidents that you may think you know a lot about, but really don't. They are remarkable human beings or events covered in new and different detail, all fascinating.

Left Over podcast cover art

Left Over, an investigative podcast from LWC Studios, reveals the toxic politics in the American public school lunch system.

Award-winning journalist Jessica Terrell dives into the experiences of lunch workers, students, families, caretakers, and community organizers while examining the problematic views surrounding poverty and unchecked racial inequality. Listen here.

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🎤 This week in Podcast The Newsletter: Podcast!⭐Group!⭐Therapy!⭐is scheduled for Friday, April 26, 2024 — we’re covering the versatility and power of podcast promos. Sign up here.

❤️Returning in 2024 with an expanded format, Linda Marigliano's Tough Love debuts the first episode of season three with an exhilarating reveal: Linda is reunited with her partner Magnus, living in LA, and is pregnant. As well as this huge progression in the plot line, listeners will continue to hear Linda grapple with every essence of change and control with an extended season of weekly episodes.

🎙️ Raising lifesaving awareness: Contrary to Ordinary from OralBiotech launches a series of episodes discussing Oral Cancer discovery techniques and interviews with cancer survivors for Oral Cancer Awareness Month.

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“Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar” cover art

Girl Tales and Dorktales Storytime, two podcasting powerhouses renowned for their commitment to inclusivity and diverse storytelling, have joined forces on the creation of a feminist fairytale with an autistic lead for Autism Acceptance Month in April 2024.

Owen and the Order of the Ancient Cedar is not just another fairytale; it's a celebration of neurodiversity and feminist empowerment, weaving together a tapestry of voices and perspectives not seen enough in children's podcast media.

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