Celebrities: Podcasts Going Deeper Than The Headlines

Here's the real story behind the celebrity stories you hear about

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Why this theme?

👉🏽 Pop culture headlines are designed to try and sum up an entire story in one sentence, and few people have the time to read through an article to verify the facts.

These podcasts dig through the gossip rags to give you real and honest takes on the celebrity stories that you can't escape from.

Podcast Picks

Glamorous Trash podcast cover art

Glamorous Trash: A Celebrity Memoir Podcast

TV head writer and host Chelsea Devantez loves female celebrity memoirs. She reads the books the tabloids can’t get enough of so you don’t have to! In this episode, Chelsea and guest Misha Brown recap Rebel Wilson's much-anticipated and much-reported-on memoir, talking about the best and worst parts of it, including the horrifying and click-baity story about Sacha Baron Cohen, getting married at Disney World, and getting mistaken for Adele.

Scam Goddess podcast cover art

Scam Goddess

Host Laci Mosley takes the stories of scammers and criminals you see splashed across the front page and hilariously recounts their lives to give you the full scope of these infamous villains. In this episode, Laci and guest Josh Gondelman discuss the now infamous, instant-meme-factory Wonka Experience. They break down every fact and figure and give you the full story on why this AI-marketed event failed so tremendously.

Fixing Famous People podcast cover art

Fixing Famous People with Chris DeRosa & Dominick Pupa

On EarBuds curator Chris’s podcast, he and co-host Dominick Pupa dive deep into the celebrity scandals that dominate the headlines and dissect why people are so upset about the stars who are not just like us. In this episode, podcasters Natalie Katona and Julia Washington join to give a comprehensive walkthrough of the decades-long feud between Charmed stars Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano. No stone is left unturned or podcast episode un-listened to in preparation.

Daily Fail podcast cover art

Daily Fail

Hosts Kristen Meinzer and Maura Currie push past the eye-catching headlines and reveal just how much fluff is posted on the UK gossip sites. In this episode, they discuss the way that the British rags take Meghan Markle's new (hilariously strange) hero product for American Riviera Orchard and somehow find a way to use it to blame her for everything wrong with the royal family. If you shake your fist at the constant coverage of the House of Windsor, this is the podcast for you!

Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast cover art

Reality Life with Kate Casey

Host Kate Casey has been in the podcast game a long time and is notorious for interviewing showrunners, executive producers, and lawyers in order to get the real story behind the hottest unscripted TV headlines. In this episode, Kate interviews Scott Johnson, an investigative reporter and author, to discuss The Apple TV+ three-part docuseries Hollywood Con Queen, which explores the shocking story behind one of Hollywood’s biggest scams.


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🎤 This week in Podcast The Newsletter: Lauren Passell writes: “If you’re a podcaster with an interview show, you might want to listen to James Altucher’s Mastering The Art of The Interview interview with Polina Pompliano from The Profile newsletter on The James Altucher Show.” Listen here.

🦖What if two best friends (who are scientists) secretly brought back dinosaurs? But made them tiny? And then made a podcast about their top secret project? Tiny Dinos is an improvised sitcom/talk show starring science novices Connor Ratliff and James III and featuring a cavalcade of special guests who help them navigate the perils of keeping a big (tiny) secret while maintaining a healthy (unhealthy) friendship.

🎙️On The Downside with Gianmarco Soresi, stand-up comedian and lifelong cynic Gianmarco Soresi interviews people more famous than him about all the downsides to their life. If you like looking on the bright side of life, kindly f*ck off. This is a podcast where complaining is encouraged, negativity is celebrated, and silver linings are debunked.

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Byte Sized Biographies… podcast cover art

Discover some very famous people you've never really heard of — byte sized biographies of the famous, the infamous, and the quirky — in less than an hour.

Think of that doorstop-sized bio or history-related book that you’ll never read, made accessible in 60 minutes. These are people or incidents that you may think you know a lot about, but really don't. They are remarkable human beings or events covered in new and different detail, all fascinating.

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