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Podcast artwork for Private Affairs, Creencias, Harlem Queen, What’s Poppin’ Penny?, and Past Due

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👉🏽 Yhane Washington Smith (she/her)

Why this theme?

👉🏽If you are a writer, especially an aspiring TV writer, audio dramas/fiction podcasts are a terrific way to tell your stories and put them into the world.

Podcast Picks

Harlem Queen podcast cover art

Harlem Queen

Set during the Harlem Renaissance, Harlem Queen tells the unbelievable but true story of Black woman "mobster" Madame Stephanie St. Clair.

Private Affairs podcast cover art

Private Affairs

This is an award-winning romantic-dramedy about Veronica (Vee), a recent Melbourne transplant who is swept off her feet by a charming Aussie doctor. She has to quickly learn how to navigate love across cultures. Vee is helped along by her newly married cousin and smooth-talking BFF.

Creencias podcast cover art


Creencias is a bilingual series set in New Jersey in the 1990s that chronicles the spiritual journey of a young Afro-Latinx girl named Carmen. With the guidance of her grandmother, a known spiritual advisor, the infusion of Catholic duality, and the echoes of her heart, Carmen must navigate her spirituality and beliefs.

What’s Poppin’ Penny? podcast cover art

What’s Poppin’ Penny?

In this podcast for kids, it's December already, and the holiday season is upon us! Penny is curious about the religious beliefs of her loved ones. She and her tiny teddy, T.A., attend the Christmas Eve church services with Spicy while Jabari and Zoe prepare for the Kwanzaa celebration at the community center in their neighborhood.

Past Due podcast cover art

Past Due

Underwhelmed by life and overwhelmed by disappointments, a 30-year-old writer and entrepreneur takes an introspective look at her life and its shortcomings. Has her time come and gone, or is she simply a late bloomer?


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🎤 This week in Podcast The NewsletterCitizenRacecar launched Notes on Good Podcasting — weekly articles about every aspect of quality audio storytelling, from concept to promotion.

🎙️How to Do the Pot is a cannabis podcast for women, by women. They’re debuting a new series celebrating Pride that explores how the AIDS crisis in San Francisco during the 1980s catalyzed the birth of medical cannabis and ignited a national movement toward legalization.

🔎Reveal and the Center for Public Integrity’s new three-part series, 40 Acres and a Lie, tells the history of an often-misunderstood government program that gave more than 1,200 formerly enslaved people land titles, only to take the land back, fueling a wealth gap that remains today.

🎸Because the Boss Belongs to Us is a new podcast exploring how, despite Bruce Springsteen being a straight cis man from America, the queer community has found validation in his lyrics. Hosts Jesse and Holly go on a journey to not only understand why this is, but also what it means to idolize a celebrity in this way, ending with a Panel of Queers who will decide the fate of Bruce Springsteen’s entry into the Queer Canon.

[Werking Title] with Eliza Lambert

Featuring conversations with audio creators

“I always had a thing for sound. I'm remembering a project that I had to do when I was a junior in high school. I had a great English teacher assigning this project: to make a piece in the tradition of David Sedaris on This American Life. I did it on the Y2K scare and how afraid I was that something bad was going to happen. (Nothing did.) It came to me naturally. The teacher was like, ‘You're really good at this and you should consider…’” Read on.

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Podcast news from Podnews

  • The number of podcast listeners continues to grow in countries across the world, according to new data from the Reuters Institute. The Digital News Report 2024 says that “podcasts continue to attract younger, richer, and better educated audiences, with news and politics shows heavily skewed towards men, partly due to the dominance of male hosts.”

  • Pods 4 Us is a new podcast discovery app with detailed filtering options for true crime and book podcasts. More categories are on the way.

  • In early March, Ashley Carman reported that Call Her Daddy was looking for a new buyer, away from Spotify, seeking a nine-figure deal. This weekend, Semafor reported that Spotify’s not selling ads “beyond this year” for the show; SiriusXM appears one of the potential suitors, but they want “significant minimum download requirements.”


In Confianza podcast cover art

In Confianza (formerly The Pulso Podcast) is a non-fiction show sharing the many ways Latinos find belonging in the United States. In reported pieces and evocative two-way interviews, we share stories and conversations exploring Latino identity that aim to bring an intimate sense of connection for diasporic listeners.

In season five, we shift our focus and format towards stories and conversations centered on belonging.

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